Mr.Shaju.A.O received a telephone call from Mr. Raffi on 7th March 2018,as the conversation continued  Mr. Raffi said a short description about his old fiat car which was registered in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu and in a break down condition since long time! As I was actively listening him, he asked me that whether we can do the Painting and Modification of the car. I showed him a green signal and informed Mr. Vijay K Daniel,he made the necessary arrangement thus the car was towed to our work shop from his home at central Mumbai.

The car was towed to the work shop as it is seen in above condition.

Diagnosing the car’s issues and assessing the extent of damage of it.

We began to work on the car - filled cavities and sanding done to create an even surface.

Removed rust from the parts and surface, did the denting works for applying primer & water proofing.

Applied primer and base coat painting.

We respired the wheel and other parts of the car one by one .

Electrical and other mechanical works were done.

Upholstery and Interior works.

Accessories fittings and finishing works done.




Handing over the key to Mr. Raffi who was very happy at our service and we wished him all the best.

We used to ask his opinion and discuss with him at the progress of each works. He also used to come, to the work shop very friendly, in order to know the progress of the works. He said that he felt like a new car driving as he drove his car back to home! We feel proud of our technician’s hard works and commitment and we can say that everything was the result of our team work.

Contact us for any car modification,denting and painting.

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