It was our vision to begin a quality workshop at Panvel. Mr.Vijay K .Daniel and Mr.Shaju .A.O (BDM) went around at Panvel in search of a suitable plot to begin the workshop. We contacted various persons and visited so many places ,finally decided a location"Palaspa" the hub of automobile works as the best place to locate our business.

Meanwhile we were looking for an experienced person to join in our team as a business head & partner. Thus our friend Mr.Sunil wag introduced Mr.Mahesh Dalvi to us in the month of Sep. 2018. After the meetings and long discussions with him, we realized that he is the apt person for our new project. Mr. Mahesh is with 10 years of working experience in automobile industry.He has the experience of 6 years in mechanical services and 4 years in sales.    He started his work as a technician in Chevrolet,Hyundai and Mahindra companies and    later worked as a sales consultant in Chevrolet, Mahindra, Volkswagen, Honda and finally at Toyota company and a person indeed vibrant, skilled and to be associated with.                                                     

In the middle of Oct. 2018, we started the preparation for our workshop and done the basic requirements of booking the plot with its owner Mr. Asgar Ali.In November ,the cement concreting of the plot was done and started the work of "paint booth",and erected "two pole lift" for car mechanical works .The other garage establishment works were almost done in the month of December. We fixed a suitable date (6th Jan. 2019) for the opening ceremony of our new workshop of Grace Motors in the new year. and invited all the friends,relatives,clients and our valuable customers.


Invited all the relatives,friends ,clients and customers for the opening ceremony of our  new workshop


Our BDM leads with a opening prayer before cutting the ribbon at opening ceremony.


Mr.vijay K Daniel, Mr.Mahesh Dalvi Mr.Sundar Chandrashekharan (Vice president of Volkswagen ,Thane)Mr.Stanly Lobo and Mr.Decona and other chief gusts cut the ribbons and inaugurate our new workshop.


Opening ceremony began with lighting of the lamp and prayer song.Mr.Vijay K.Daniel,Mr.Mahesh Dalvi,Mr.Dalvi's Dear father,Mr.Sundar Chandrashekharan andMr. Decona lighted the lamp .


Mr.Vijay K Daniel and Mr.Mahesh Dalvi get wishing from all friends,relatives and clients.


Snap with team members of Grace Motors ,technicians,friends,relatives and children.


Getting together with the people in automobile business segment...friends ...relatives,Prayer session  and having tea party.


As a sign of gratitude, Mr.Vijay K Daniel and Mr.Mahesh Dalvi give a flower bouquet to the plot owner Mr.Asgar Ali.


We are models to our own children and they get inspiration from our life commitments for their future lives. 


Mr.Vijay K Daniel talking about our business to the plot owner Mr.Asgar Ali and workshop supervisor Mr.Rakesh Dalvi.


Our team at Grace Motors ,Panvel


Few snaps of our new workshop of Grace Motors

It was very joyful event!"the opening ceremony of our new workshop" ,everything went on well...It was so colorful with friends ,relatives,guests,children and customers and we had tea party and meal as the part of it.We are grateful to God for blessing us to open a new workshop of GRACE MOTORS at Panvel. On behalf of entire team of GM, I would like to wish all the best and congratulate Mr.Vijay K Daniel and Mr.Mahesh Dalvi for all their effort to open this quality workshop and appreciate their hard work and commitment that they have put into this new project in this new year.We continue to ask God's help for the effective team work, cooperation of the customers and smooth running of GRACE MOTORS & it's growth. A heart felt thanks to all chief gusts, relatives, friends, staffs,technicians, customers who participated in opening ceremony and all well wishers of GRACE MOTORS.

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